A Seleçao das Quinas

Portugal’s improbable triumph at Euro 2016 was the first major honour in its rich football history. Improbable in the sense that they were far from favourites going into the tournament and they were off the back of a relatively uninspiring qualification campaign that began with a shock defeat to Albania. Remarkably, in their seven games at the tournament they only managed to win one inside ninety minutes (Defeating Wales in the Semi-Final). The manner in which the Portuguese won Euro 2016 was a far cry from the flair and attacking football they were renowned for. Many purists bemoaned the Portuguese’s style and approach to games. Many deemed it unwatchable and anti-football.

Spartak Moscow - The People's Team

It is here where the Spartak story differs from the stories of their city rivals. The club was founded in 1922 as the football side of a much larger sports society known as the ‘Moscow Sport Circle’. Rather than being linked to the Army, Police or Transportation Ministry, the club were associated with the working-class members of a trade union. It is from this association the club garners the title of ‘The People’s Team’.

We Got The Result But...

This isn’t a review of the Wales v Ireland game although it will reference it a bit. We’ll get this out of the way from the start - I am delighted Ireland beat the Welsh to reach the playoffs but there’s a bitterly disappointed part of me that realises that we could have easily won the group and be celebrating being in the actual World Cup as opposed to being ecstatic for reaching the playoff.

A Nation Holds Its Breath

Permutations. Permutations. Permutations. That’s the buzzword of the week as the football world diverted its attention to the remaining fixtures in the World Cup qualifying campaign. Ireland have ultimately let their once commanding position in Group D slip badly in the second half of the campaign. After a strong start, Ireland looked in good shape to top the group or at the very least a strong second place finish with main rivals Serbia and Austria still to visit the Aviva.

Brian Clough : Simply the Best

The best striker around is not necessarily the guy who nabs the most goals and the same is true when it comes to management and accolades. The greatness of Ol' Big Head lies in how he approached the game, his unique management style, his indomitable character and his vicious wit, but so much more beyond that too. 

Forever in the Shadows

Last week the footballing world was treated to an intriguing display of childishness. It involved a trio of top stars from PSG - one of whom is the recently crowned “most expensive player ever”. A clash of egos in front of everyone’s eyes to see just what €220 million euros gets you.

Unlucky 13

13th. That’s the position Everton FC are in the world in terms of most valuable brands. They sit above the likes of AC Milan, Bayer Leverkusen and Schalke and just behind Juventus with a brand value of around €360 million. And what are fans getting for this? 18th spot in the Premier League table and a possible relegation battle.