The Armchair View is a sports blog focused on delivering quality opinion pieces on all the major events in the world of football. Our goal is to encourage debate, discussion, and deliberation over everything we produce. Each contributor has their own take on things and as such many articles will be contradictory and biased towards a specific subject but that's OK. We have no ties or investment to any league or organisation and are free to call it like we see it, if we're wrong or you don't like it, let us know - it's an open forum. If you like what you read consider spreading the word, the more the merrier!


The Armchair View was the brainchild of a group of four Irish lads from Cork with an avid interest in sport and football in general (there will be no mention of SOCCER here!) who decided to turn their musings and ramblings on the Whatsapp group into a platform to air our sometimes ridiculous views. We are spread out around the world contributing from Canada, England, and Ireland. As a bunch of friends, we became sick of reading fluff pieces, sensationalist articles, and filler news on a lot of our favourite websites and blogs and decided that there was a gap in the market for a bunch of guys just ranting and giving their opinion. 

You'll find no professional journalists here, just plenty of honest opinions, typos, bad grammar, and hopefully a bit of fun too. We hope you enjoy and get involved in the discussion as much as possible, we just ask one thing; Be respectful! Football is a global community and while we encourage debate always be courteous.